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About Me

I'm a Consultant and Certified Notary Public in Virginia USA. Newly finding my creative spirit in shoe design.

I'm deeply involved in supporting and advocating for drug-free-kids in our community. I have two wonderful boys the youngest of which past away in 2015. 

As a parent that has suffered such a great loss I have slowly rebuilt myself back making my way through the darkest of hours. Designing shoes has been the beacon of light for me that guides me through.

I have a wonderful supportive husband my best friend in life. For all that I have been blessed with I am forever grateful. 

~ There Will Always Be Light Waiting Beyond The Dark ~


Products by Request

My Collection is Open

Are you in love with a shoe design, but it happens to be from a few fashion seasons ago? Not a problem. Just get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to make it for you. I love providing this flexible option to all of my clients, as I know it makes a world of a difference to them. Please get in touch for more information and to explore past and current collections for yourself.

Every shoe features pristine quality leather and suede, sourced and processed in Le Marche Italy. Custom shoes created in this luxe material makes the end product smooth to the touch, comfortable to wear and visually stunning. There’s a reason Italian leather is an essential resource among the best brands.


"The world does not define you, YOU define the world"

Deirdre Lynn




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